An attractive, natural wood fence.

Wood Fences in Collinsville, IL, From an Experienced Fence Contractor

No matter what you need your fence for, it’s hard to deny how appealing a natural wood fence is. At Chesley Fence & Deck, we’ve been building fantastic fences for decades, making us the most-tenured fence company in the Collinsville, Illinois, area. If you’re interested in a custom wood fence that is as beautiful as it is dependable, we’re the team to call.

Premium Western Red Cedar Fencing

While there are plenty of options when it comes to fencing materials, premium Western Red Cedar has long been favored for its many beneficial qualities. These include:

Stunning Appearance

The premium Western Red Cedar we use for our wood fencing is quite simply beautiful. It has a natural red/orange hue that is irresistible even without applying paints or stains. Or, it can be painted in almost any color under the sun if you prefer.

Insect Resistance

Thanks to the natural oils in cedar, our wood fences are resistant to termites and other insects that might eat other species—and that means less maintenance for you.

Mold & Mildew Resistance

The same insect-repelling qualities of cedar also make it great at resisting mold and mildew growth. That way, your fencing will continue to look beautiful for many years without the need for harsh chemicals.

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If you’re interested in sprucing up a property in the Collinsville, IL, area with a wooden fence, turn to Chesley Fence & Deck. Contact us today to find out more and schedule an appointment with a fencing expert.