Aluminum Fences

We offer The Colonial Fence by Digger Industries fences in a variety of design styles to customize the look of your property. All styles and heights available in black, white, or bronze finish. Scroll down to see the different styles available in aluminum.

Style Staggered Spear

Style Staggered Spear with staggered picket points for something a little more distinctive.

Style Spear

Style Spear is our traditional wrought iron design. The points of the pickets are even across the top of the section.

Speat Top with Finials

Finials instead of the standard picket points.

Universal 3 Rail Style

Universal 3 rail is a more modern design with a smooth rail on top rather than exposed picket points.

3 Rail Universal Spear

The Universal Spear is a modification of the 3 Rail Universal which combines the safety of a top rail with the traditional look of pointed pickets below the rail.

2 Rail Universal

2 Rail Universal is a simple design which uses larger rails and pickets to meet swimming pool enclosure codes without sacrificing strength. No pickets are exposed either above or below the rails for added safety. The 48 inch Universal 2 Rail is the only 48 inch tall fence that is up to code for swimming pools.


Finials and Scrolls

Choose from a selection of scrolls, finials and ball caps to create a custom look that will add an extra touch of elegance to your fence. These castings are available in a black, white, bronze, or gold finish to enhance any fence or gate. The combinations of scrolls, finials and ball caps are almost unlimited. While these accessories may look like cast iron, their aluminum construction prevents them from rusting.


Our walk gates are self-closing and self-latching. They are available in several standard widths from 48″ up to 60″.

Accent Gates

Accent gates are available 48″ and 60″ wide.

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